Wednesday, March 28, 2012

one quarter

So, training is about a quarter done. He has already maxed out his hours for the week with one day left (a day of rest for him I can only hope) Now I don't know if he's going to complain about the trainer or leave it be for the next three weeks. That's up to him, I can't force him to despite how desperately I want him to. No one has a right to treat anyone else like that.

Here I sit, alone in my room contemplating why I chose to move back here knowing full well that he was leaving for Orientation. I know that his mother is glad I'm close by. She admitted to me today that she might not be handling it so well if I were not. Sad truth is I'm not handling being here very well. I miss my dog, I miss not being sick all the time, I miss my family.

I also miss him. 

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