Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding support

Earlier today I found a great group on Facebook where wifes of truckers come together to chat about life but also to support each other. They've taken me in and already given me some great advice for living with a trucker. <3

I can't wait to have a nice place of our own for me to have nice and clean for when he comes home. I'm going to bake a cake, maybe I'll put ice cream in it. Too many weeks to go until I get to hold him again but I'm still somehow counting the hours.

Also today I got in some nice driving practice with my future MIL. I drove all the way to the horse stables, went riding for a couple of hours, and drove home. Of course now I can't sleep and have tried cleaning, playing the sims and even just laying in bed but nada. Wish he was awake for  me to talk to.

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