Friday, March 30, 2012

Making today better

Yesterday I had a rather bad day. I woke up crying from some very teasing dreams (judging from how crusty my eyes are this morning I had them again without remembering) got to work to a rather bleh day, couldn't get my reserves up, had a sugar crash of 50 just before lunch. Was still only 69 before going home for dinner which worries me now that I don't have health insurance again. Open enrollment at work isn't for another two months and I can't get married tomorrow *if only* It feels forever away for me but I know that getting married now while we're both not making good money is something we'll regret later. I'm a firm believer in marriage>house>baby, neither of which we can afford right now.

Yesterday was wonderful in one way, I got to talk to him a lot. Since it was his 8th day and he max'd out his 70. We played Draw Something and he got to tell me about some stories he wants to work on. Hopefully he gets another 10 in today. I'd like that very much.

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