Monday, April 29, 2013

Drastic changes

I've come to realize that if anything is going to change, I have to sit down and do it. No questions, no reservations, no buts.

Today my future mother in law implied something. "You can't grow everything." Watch me. I'm going to grow the shit out of everything, and after our GMO talk I'm going to only eat what I grow (once it starts growing) then for winter I'm going to eat mostly what I can (as in canned foods)

She said it'd be cheaper to buy potatoes... :-(

I will have eggs, and veggies. I will make this happen.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It has been a long time-- many things have changed. It hurts too much to go into details but I lost both Katie and Char. They did not pass away, no, worse than that they were taken away from my by greedy people.

I have fought, I have grieved and I have let my heart love another.

I have not ridden him yet. I might never. He was abused pretty bad before coming to me and it's been an ongoing project to get him healthy and calm.

I've gotten bitten by the country life bug I think--

These six chicks were bought at a local feed store. I'm building their coop. It's going to be amazing.

sleep now, more later. I need to start blogging regularly again.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

lazy Sunday

Two Sundays off in a row? what is my ASM thinking. I'm going to get spoiled.

I slept in a little today, no early to rise 7am like yesterday for me. About to sit down and have my breakfast before I start to feed the pets. Then I need to get a nice lunch packed for my trip to the barn today.

I've decided that I'm not going to weigh my self every week. It's killing me to see my slow progress. I know some people say it's what motivates them but for me it just makes me sad.

Edit: this didn't publish before I left this morning-- so rather than make another post I'll finish up this one. I had a great day at the barn. Friends came to meet Katie and it was an all around wonderful day. Turns out where our friends moved to is about 10 minutes away from our current barn! Yay! Had dinner already and going to spend my night cleaning up the house.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why do we have to work?

Work-- Work has been good. Making progress on a lot of things personally and professionally. I've realized that I've changed a lot in this past year. I didn't expect to be in such a different place mentally. I guess it happens in life. I've always been a believer in the idea that life takes us where we need to be and makes us who we need to be.

And life handed me this horse. I'm still debating what it wants me to do with it-- but I think it's a good indicator that maybe I should be thinking about getting back into a career with animals. Seeing Katie be born was an amazing experience for me. Getting to know her in the days since have been nearly magical. When I'm not watching her be a horse I'm thinking about watching her be a horse. I think about all the learning I want to do about working with horses and how much I'm going to be learning in the coming months with Katie about raising a foal.

Char is a great mother too, she's attentive but she doesn't crowd Katie. Char seems to give her plenty of space to learn things on her own. I love spending time with my girls. Once Char's leg is healed up and Katie is weened I'm going to learn to ride proper. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

A month of change.

Whoa, I let it go a whole month without posting. I think that maybe I need to re-evaluate how I spend my online time.  A lot has happened in the last month and I think that it's all good.

On May 23rd my horse Char gave birth to a little Filly we've named Katie Rose Venus. No one knew she was in foal and thankfully it was a mostly uneventful delivery with me only having to get my hands dirty for a moment. It's been a big surprise for us all and one that is working out.

On June 3rd I finished my first 15mile cycling ride. It was raining, I was soaked, I was in pain and feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere. I made it to the first rest stop and thought about calling David to pick me up. At the rest stop I met up with the guys of team "Just one more..." and they let me ride with them. I finished the ride, I hurt still-- sore in places that have never been this sore before but it was a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Patiently waiting for my days off

Ugh, that is the biggest problem with needing money-- needing to work for it. I want to just clean my house, ride my bike and just be done with it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday already?

Well I got conned into working this evening-- so there goes another hapless night of playing video games with my fiance. :-( I guess I thought working at a game store would be different, and different it has become even in the short 7 months I've worked for the company. Yesterday we officially started selling iDevices and this weekend we go live with Tablets. I feel like it's just one more thing for them to steal.

Anywho, Yesterday I rode the bike to work and it felt awesome. I couldn't make it up two of the large hills but the smaller one I took in stride! i got to take the nature trail that I had not gone down previously, this one goes along the Erie Canal on one side and an old garbage dump on the other. Nature has been reclaiming the dump for years but having one so close to the canal-- I wonder what those guys were thinking back then. Anyway I saw some fish and a few ducks, still no turtles. Being out on the trail has made me miss my dog terribly. I really wish he was here with me, I know my parents are taking good care of him but he's my mush and I miss his antics.