Monday, April 29, 2013

Drastic changes

I've come to realize that if anything is going to change, I have to sit down and do it. No questions, no reservations, no buts.

Today my future mother in law implied something. "You can't grow everything." Watch me. I'm going to grow the shit out of everything, and after our GMO talk I'm going to only eat what I grow (once it starts growing) then for winter I'm going to eat mostly what I can (as in canned foods)

She said it'd be cheaper to buy potatoes... :-(

I will have eggs, and veggies. I will make this happen.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It has been a long time-- many things have changed. It hurts too much to go into details but I lost both Katie and Char. They did not pass away, no, worse than that they were taken away from my by greedy people.

I have fought, I have grieved and I have let my heart love another.

I have not ridden him yet. I might never. He was abused pretty bad before coming to me and it's been an ongoing project to get him healthy and calm.

I've gotten bitten by the country life bug I think--

These six chicks were bought at a local feed store. I'm building their coop. It's going to be amazing.

sleep now, more later. I need to start blogging regularly again.